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Ilisua Orphanage

Boy at Ilisua drinking his milk at breakfast

Orphaned Girl With Milk

10 yr old girl with her milk at lunch

Teen With Milk

Teenage boy enjoying his cup of milk

Two Boys Playing

Two young boys playing in the yard

Teens in Orphanage

Group of teenagers living at the orphanage

Romanian Boys in Orphanage

Two boys at the Ilisua orphanage

The Ilisua Orphanage provides limited meals to the abandoned and orphaned children in their care. Many times, "a meal" is only a cup of tea and a slice of bread with margarine. The Cup of Milk program provides milk at mealtimes so that the children can enjoy the many benefits including protein and calcium. It gives them energy and helps them to concentrate on school work, but most importantly, it gives them hope for the future.

Each monthly donation provides an institutionalized child a cup of milk 5 days a week. In exchange for your donation, you will receive reports and pictures of the children and how healthier eating improves in their lives.

€ 72 / child / year
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