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After school tutoring for the most at-risk Romanian Turkish children

ABC Turks program

Romanian Turkish children eligible for ABC Turks program

Castelu primary school staff

Staff at the Castelu primary school

Class of kindergartners

Integrated classroom of kindergartners

End of school year

At the end of the school year, the reward for hard work was a trip to a nearby city for lunch at McDonalds

PE class

Outside PE class at the Castelu primary school

This program provides after school tutoring for the very poor and disadvantaged elementary children in the Castelu and Galesu villages. The children receive school supplies for the year. Each day, they will receive a sandwich and milk with their tutoring, so that they can stay alert and maximize their learning. Many times, this is the only food they will eat that day. Sponsors receive a picture of the child they sponsor and will have the opportunity to communicate with this child through email and letters.

€ 220 / child / school year
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