B.A.G. (Be A Giver)

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Young Girl With BAG

A young girl opening the bag her family received

Elderly Man

This elderly man was pleased to have received the gift of groceries and a loving visit

Family of Three

This family of three children pose with the bag of food they received

Thankful Grandmother

This grandmother is thankful for the bag she received while her granddaughter sports her new hat from her shoebox gift

Mother And 3 Children

This mother and her 3 children received a bag at Christmas

Mother and son

This mother and her 5 yr old son show off the bag they received


Vasile with the Elpis Foundation is sharing a bag with a mother and her son.

Surviving Winter

Vasile gives this very cold man a bag of food to help him survive the winter.

Wood Burning Stove

This mother only has a wood burning stove to keep her one-room home warm. She and her children were excited to receive a bag.

Mother with 5 children

This young mother received two bags to help her feed her family of 5 children


This grandmother is happy to receive a bag to help support her granddaughter

"Make us worthy, Lord, to serve those throughout the world who live and die in poverty and hunger. Give them through our hands, this day their daily bread; and by our understanding love, give peace and joy. Amen" - Mother Teresa of Calcuta.

This prayer is very much incarnated in Romania through the Be A Giver Project (also known as the BAG Project). Elderly people, widows and orphans, as well as poor families and children from almost all over Romania are the annual beneficiaries of this project. Since 2008, the Elpis Foundation has been a blessing to approximately 2800 people in Romania through the generous donations of Romanian families and Romanian churches.

For a donation of $20.00 we can provide a bag filled with food supplies that will be given to the needest people. In exchange you will receive information about the development of the project and the impact this has on the lives of those who benefit of it. A monthly subscription will provide bags for 12 families.

This project is historically significant in that Romanian families and churches are joining hands to provide for the poorest around them. These families and children receive bags consisting of: food supplies, sanitary articles, warm clothing, school supplies, small toys, sweets, and Christian literature. House visits by volunteers who are distributing the bags to these families providing counseling and encouragement, which presents the opportunity of sharing the Gospel not primarily by words but by deeds.

"If you cannot feed one hundred, then feed one." - Mother Teresa of Calcuta

€ 15 / bag of food / family
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