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Cereal for Orphanage

Small children at Ilisua orphanage eating their meal. The winters are very cold and the lunchroom is not heated

Romanian Orphanage

10-12 yr old boys enjoying their bowl of chocolate puffs cereal

Ilisua Orphanage

A 4 yr old girl playing in the yard after mealtime

Elpis Foundation

Any simple item can become a toy when you have none. This little boy enjoys time with the Elpis Foundation staff

Breakfast for Orphans

A typical breakfast meal of 70 children ranging in ages from 2 to 17 years old

Eating is mandatory for any person to survive. Eating healthy is not an option for children in government run institutions in Romania. The Cereals Project improves the diet of the 70 plus children in the Ilisua orphanage. This is a welcomed addition for these children whose regular breakfast would be only a cup of tea and a slice of bread with margarine.

Each monthly donation provides a cereal breakfast for an institutionalized child 2 days per week. This also provides an opportuntity for thes children to feel the love of Jesus Christ. The orphanage personnel who are understaffed and underpaid also receive encouragement as they see basis needs of the children being met. In exchange, you will receive reports and pictures of the children and the improvements that healthier eating produces for them.

$ 72 / child / year
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