Medical Caravans

June 15, 2013 to August 31, 2014

Medical Caravans Photo

Volunteers are need to help us bring a Medical clinic to a poor rural community. We need doctors, nurses, administrative people, and volunteers to teach children basic hygiene. These events can occur throughout the summer, based on your groups availability.

Due to poor living conditions that characterize most of the villages in Romania, one of the biggest needs is that of medical services. The Medical Caravan serves elderly people, children and families from remote and poor villages where there no medical service exists. We identify various health conditions and provide proper guidance in taking the right steps toward a cure.

When a patient arrives to the site, they receive blood pressure and blood sugar testing, eye exams, light dental treatment, medical advice and counseling, basic sanitary education, free over-the-counter medication. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the opportunity for volunteers to proclaim the Gospel, both through words and actions.

Housing and Transportation is provided.

Contact: [email protected]