Social Cases

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Clothing Assistance

Children who are eligible for clothing assistance

Home Needs Insulation

A family's home that needs insulation in order to stay warm in the winter

Cold Homes

A family's home that is miserably cold in the brutual winter months

Improved Homes

A family outside of their home which was improved with the assistance of Elpis

Family Received Assistance

A family who has received assistance from Elpis Foundation

Clothing And Food Assistance

A poor family receiving clothing and food assistance for their 7 children

New Insulation

Insulation delivery for a cinder block home that was rebuilt after flooding took their last home

Basic Needs

Elpis helping a family with basic maintenance on their home

Elpis Helping

Elpis helping a family with basic maintenance on their home

Food Supplies

This family received a basic food supplies outside of their small home.

Christmas Boxes

Children received Christmas shoe boxes in the winter that contain basic hygiene and school supplies

Food Gifts

Basic food supplies distributed to a poor family

Some choose poverty, for others poverty chooses them. Regardless of the reasons and motives of being poor, there will always be poor people around us. There are two options: to stay on the side of the life's running track and pronounce judgments on those who try the best they can to run the race or to get involved helping those who run to do it more efficiently.

Around Dej and all around Romania there are numberless families, children, and old people for whom every day is a gambling game. The Elpis Foundation is the only group helping 60 - 120 families, children and elderly people on an annual basis. There are a number of children/young people who were able to graduate college, high school, elementary school and kindergarten just because someone through Elpis extended their help to them.

Meeting the needs of the individual is what makes this project so successful. Your support will help a poor family receive basic groceries or clothing; a student receive assistance with school expenses or tutoring; an elderly person receive either food supplies, medication, or assistance with paying their utility bills; or a family receives minor maintenance work on their home.

Each monthly donation can support a family, a student or an elderly person. The present is bleak and the future is grim. Every kind word, every helping hand, every small and insignificant gift is a small light that brightens their life. The volunteers who visit, counsel, and help these people have the opportunity of sharing God's love in action.

€ 23 / month supports a family, a child or an elderly person
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