Summer Camps

June 16, 2013 to August 30, 2014

Summer Camps Photo

Volunteers are need to organize and play sports with the children, to organize and teach the Christian topics, and to prepare meals for the children at summer camps.

Beyond the fun times that is fueled by the group activities and games, there are numerous benefits for a Christian summer camp. The summer camps provide an environment for making happy memories, which is a rare opportunity for the for poor children in Romania. The 4-day summer camps provide fun and challenging activities and games, Christian teaching, meals, interaction with other children and adults from other parts of Romania and the world.

For 2013, we plan to host summer camps in 3 locations: (1) Dobrogea which is located in Southeastern Romania, (2) Oltenia which is located in Southwestern Romania, and (3) Gura Vladesei which is our mountain retreat facility in Northwestern Romania. Each camp usually hosts an average of 100 children.

Each week throughout the summer, we need help conducting the camps. This is an opportunity for a youth group or small church organization to create lasting friendships while sharing the Gospel with the children of Romania. These children are exposed to the Bible teaching according to his/her age and understanding. Housing is provided.

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