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As a satellite partner with World Impact, TUMI in Romania trains and equips lay leadership for the rural, poor churches in order to advance the Kingdom of God. Our students are local lay pastors who are called to evangelize and disciple churches in unreached towns.

The TUMI program is based on the belief that that effective Christian ministry cannot take place apart from the Body of Christ. Therefore, TUMI is committed to enriching the life and outreach of congregations and their servant-leaders. Our programs and materials are designed to equip men and women to serve effectively in the context of a local assembly.

Additionally, because God has chosen the poor to be rich in faith and to inherit the Kingdom which he promised to those who love him (James 2:5), TUMI unequivocally holds that no one should be excluded from training merely because they cannot afford it, or lack the academic background to qualify for traditional seminary training. In light of this, we believe that God is raising up dynamic leaders from among the poor who deserve access to quality theological education.

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